Stakeholders Rights


Shareholders and stakeholders' rights

The Company is committed to protecting the rights of its shareholders and stakeholders. The Board of Directors has adopted policies that guarantee the protection of the rights of all shareholders and ensure that shareholders exercise their rights as stipulated in the Companies Law and the Capital Market Authority's instructions including:

  1. Record the value of ownership in the Company's records.
  2. Disposal of shares including the registration, transfer and/or assignment of ownership of shares.
  3. Obtain the share in dividends.
  4. Obtain the share in the Company's assets in case of liquidation.
  5. Obtain statement and information about the Company's activities regularly and accessibly.
  6. Participate in the General Assembly meetings of shareholders and vote on its decisions.
  7. Election of Board members.
  8. Monitor the Company's performance in general and the Board's activity in particular.
To monitor the Company's Board members or executive management and file a claim against pertaining to their responsibility, in the event of failure to perform the roles and duties entrusted to them.